The Save Our Juries experts weigh in on the issue of the endangered civil jury trial. Our experts range from sitting U.S. Senators to judges to professors who have made jury trials their academic focus.

The Seventh Amendment and Democracy
By Christopher A. Duggan

The Seventh Amendment and the Confirmation Hearings: Reviving a Constitutional Right
By Christopher A. Duggan, Voir Dire

Restoring the Civil Jury's Role in the Structure of Our Government

By Sheldon Whitehouse, William & Mary Law Review

The Jury as Constitutional Identity

By Andrew G. Ferguson, UC Davis Law Review

Nonincorporation: The Bill of Rights after McDonald v. Chicago

By Suja Thomas, Notre Dame Law Review

Anchoring the Constitution

By Judge Sam Sparks, Voir Dire 

The Seventh Amendment, Modern Procedure and the English Common Law

By Suja Thomas, Washington University Law Quarterly

Our Juries Our Selves: The Power Perception and Politics of the Civil Jury

By Laura G. Dooley, Cornell Law Review

Truth, Justice and the Jury

By Shari Seidman Diamond, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy

Beyond Fantasy and Nightmare: A Portrait of the Jury

By Shari Seidman Diamond, Buffalo Law Review

Is the Jury Still Out? A Case for the Continued Viability of the American Jury

By Hon. Jennifer Walker Elrod, Texas Tech Law Review

What We Know and What We Should Know about American Trial Trends

By Margo Schlanger, Journal of Dispute Resolution

A Limitation on Congress: 'In Suits at Common Law'

By Suja Thomas, Ohio State Law Journal